HR and Payroll Management

Drafting Manuals

We assist you in drafting Company's HR Manuals and Policy books that are handy for employees of the organization. HR Manuals capture organizational values, culture and practises that encourage internal corporate branding. As one of the leading HR consultancy services in Mumbai, we help to design HR policy handbooks that emphasize on company's employment practices and set out clear regulatory norms and various statutory compliance for human resource planning and audit. Based on the organization's philosophy, we seek to reinforce best human resource practices through well drafted procedure manuals that shall contribute to better management.

Skill Trainings

We are one of the top training and development consultants in Mumbai known for offering corporate training solutions that make an impact on the business. We provide employees professional skill development training programs that encompasses basic soft skill training programs to personality development, team building programs to various strategic management skill training with webinars and executive coaching. Our professional team of learning and development experts shall work with you to design the training program, relevant to your organizational requirement and accordingly implement them to achieve your business goals.

HR Advisory

We offer hr audit services for organizations of all sizes with the sole purpose of strengthening their business. Our experts at Swayam Consultants provide advisory and consultation on human resources and related compliance matters for practising effective HR policies and programs across all organizational verticals. Our HR advisory services helps organizations by designing and implementing effective HR initiatives, reviewing employee engagement and performance, documentations, systems, practice, and accordingly preparing a report to identify the loop holes involved in the current operations. We work as your personal HR Manager, providing you all the support and advice on HR matters and assists you in running your business smoothly without any hiccups or glitches.

Leadership Mentoring

We provide a formal leadership mentoring and training program to support the first-time managers in their transition into the leadership role easily. We assist organizations in strengthening their own leadership programs by providing personal training and formal mentoring in order to strengthen their leadership succession process effortlessly. Our professional coaching consultants work with individuals at all levels to ensure smooth transition of responsibilities and roles to individuals and encourage professional development in the organization.

Payroll Service

We are a professional HR company offering specialized Third party payroll expertise to our clients who wish to out source the same for better organisational proficiency. We have a team of dedicated and competent people equipped with comprehensive accomplishments and professional client expertise to assist clients with such specialized services. With our third party payroll services, we help minimize workload, ease operations and help clients concentrate on their core business activities while we professionally handle their payroll processes for them.

We offer our clients a wide spectrum of payroll service solution to assist them maintain an accurate payroll system for the organization and avoid encounters of frequent errors. We are a one stop shop service provider who takes care of all your payroll and tax administrative services including maintaining employee payroll life cycle, to providing consolidate error free reports, to easy tax filings and offering regulatory information.

Payroll Services

Monthly salary processing

Our payroll services will make sure your employees are happy and you are compliant by helping your organization to ensure accurate and timely monthly salary processing.

Quarterly and yearly tax processing

We offer quarterly and yearly tax processing services to small and medium enterprises to large scale multinational companies. We help you to keep pace with all.

Expense Management

We offer expense management services to simplify and automate your business operations, reduce paper trails and administrative efforts.

Service Portals/Mails

Our service portal/mails services helps you deliver an easy-to-use portal framework to create engaging experiences and drive productivity

Pay Slip Generation

We help you with pay slip generation in seconds so that it saves your time for more important business operation functions.

Settlement Processing

Swayam Consultants provides you with the most flexible, reliable and secure settlement processing services.

Standard Reports

We offer a selection of pre-defined and financial reports that allows your company to view budget and financial data.

Customized MIS reports

Our team of experts at Swayam Consultants helps our clients with quick custom MIS)

Delivering quality services to our clients to meet their business goals.

Combining our cost-efficient approach coupled with adoption of cutting-edge technology, we deliver clients an effective solution that helps enhance the company's work productivity and overall business in general.